Why RULE through fear? When you could LEAD with love...

Last updated: Mar 13, 2018  |  NEWS CENTER

Why RULE through fear? When you could LEAD with love...

Over the course of my life and career so far, I have experienced many examples of "leadership" through various forms. What is your definition of leadership? Is it just a title? or is it your purpose? Do you hide behind your title? or Do you grasp the opportunity with both hands as a chance to inspire others? In this article, I would like to share a few reasons why I believe so much in leading with love.

As we all come from different backgrounds, our definition and experience of leadership could differ from one another. However, I am certain we have all been through a situation where we have been led, or seen others being led in an autocratic/robotic manner. Often times, we see managers tell/direct/order their subordinates to do something. For example, "Go print that out for me", "Research more about .... and then come back and brief me on it", etc. These examples given are orders, they are not the way that you treat a fellow human being. Simple things such as asking instead of ordering goes a long long way. Imagine your manager coming up to you and saying "Go print this out for me in 5 minutes or else..." or "Do you mind printing this out for me please? I need it for an urgent meeting, Thank you". Although they are results that are demanded are the EXACT same thing, the way that we communicate it can have drastically different effects on the person it is directed at. Asking is a sign of respect, regardless of your culture or nationality, paying attention to the small details can and will reflect back on the person/leader you are.

A leader's job is essentially to somehow manage a group of individuals to achieve a certain common goal. However, it is entirely up to us to choose the means of reaching those goals. Here are a few pointers in becoming a leader through love...

1. "You must first give respect, to gain respect"
As I mentioned earlier, it is all about respect. No matter the person or their position, you need to give them your maximum respect. I know that some might argue that this is counter-productive when in a powerful position, but showing respect to everybody is the only way you will be respected in return.

2. "If you give orders, you will get nothing more than a machine. If you give them your heart, you will get nothing less than their hearts in return."
When managing, don't fall into the trap of giving orders. Treat people as people, not machines. When you give orders, the most you can get is the results you asked for (a 8AM - 5PM commitment). When you truly care for your team as people and family, you give your heart to them, though it may take time you will get their hearts and unwavering commitment in return. Just pretending to show that you care won't work, you must truly feel and show it.

3. "Praise publicly.... reprimand in private."
One of the most important rules in this concept. "Praise publicly, reprimand in private". Be sure to reward accomplishments on a regular basis, and not condone mistakes in public (leading to public embarrassment). When a case where corrective action is needed, make sure it is done behind closed doors. NEVER EVER be the cause to public embarrassment. When someone is praised in public, it does not only give them confidence, but it gives others confidence in them.

In conclusion, being a leader is sometimes not our own choice, BUT what type of leader you are is a conscious choice that you must make. After reading this article, I hope you start seeing reasons why you should choose to lead with love.

Credit : Mr. Vichapat Piyaratn, General Manager, Manarco


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