Give us 2 minutes of your time, and your 1+1 will never be just 2

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Give us 2 minutes of your time, and your 1+1 will never be just 2

Published on July 4,2018 on LinkedIn

by Mr. Vichapat Piyaratn (General Manager at Manarco)


"TEAMWORK makes the dream work"... It might sound so cheesy and cliche, but I honestly believe it is one of the most underrated statements of all-time. Regardless of your situation, whether it be business, family, sports, etc. We all have seen stunning miracles happen when people get their hearts and minds together for a common goal. Since it is World Cup season, lets take football as an example. How was it possible for Russia (7.04 million euros, average player value) to beat Spain (45.86 million euros, average player value) in the round of 16? On paper, Spain should have been clear winners but only to be defeated by pure teamwork and persistence shown by the underdogs.
Whether it be a football team or your team at work, Teamwork is an intangible asset that could drive your success to the next level. No matter who you are or what role you play in your team, the 3 following pointers could potentially elevate your team from good to great:
1. Earn! not command Respect
Respect is something that could never be truly commanded regardless of how deep your pocket is or what title you hold. Respect must be earned. Earning respect might be a long fought process, but gaining respect from your team could do both you and your team wonders. Start off with the simplest of things such as treating everyone with respect, asking how they are, ask if they need any support, be polite. Giving a little of your heart goes a long way. Once respect is earned, you will have a healthy support system to implement any new initiatives or plans aimed at improving team/organizational performance.
2. Goals are good, but "Common Goals" are great
Individual goals are something that everyone should have, but to have a single common goal shared among your team will dramatically improve teamwork and performance. A strong common goal brings individuals together forging a strong team. Collect team KPIs alongside individual KPIs. Ways to promote a common goal could be to promote team incentives rather that individual incentives. For example, if individuals in your sales team has a KPI to look for 10 new clients per month, try changing team focus to 50 new clients for a team of 5 sales people. This will immediately instill a sense of "We" rather than "Me".
3. STOP Micromanagement, Give just the right amount of freedom
Micromanagement restricts creativity and performance. The greatest gift that any leader can give their team members is the freedom to think and act on their own terms, as long as it links and contributes to the common goal. To promote freedom of ideas, rather than giving orders, always ask for ideas and what other people think. Once trust is given, it builds a sense of empowerment, ownership, and accountability to keep driving team members to do the best they can in everyday.
We all have limited resources that we could work with. So let's start making our 1+1 more than 2!

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