Name : Vincent Swift

From a one-man start-up in Bangkok in 1993, The Vinarco Group has grown into a strong, diverse group of companies providing technical support for major industries across South East Asia. The long voyage has not been without incident. Along the way, The Vinarco Group has had to navigate the rough seas of the 1997 Asian Crisis, regular coups and massive flooding in Thailand, the Global Financial Crisis, and, most recently, the devastating Oil Price Crash. It has not been all smooth sailing. Ultimately, however, the Vinarco Group has emerged as a leading provider of high-end technical services and human capital solutions to the Oil & Gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Infrastructure sectors across Asia-Pacific.

Vincent has been with the organisation since Day One, and has guided Vinarco’s expansion into new industry sectors and new regional markets. The two major factors behind this successful expansion are our Vinarco Team and our corporate culture. Our Senior Management recognise that the Group’s continued success will again be driven by hiring more talented people, empowering them, and motivating them. This blue-print for steady growth in the constantly-changing, dynamic market-places of Asia is reflected in the Vinarco Group motto: “Superior Services: Professional People”.

A company’s most important asset is its people, and Vincent firmly believes in growing this asset by continually deepening and broadening the Vinarco talent pool. The future success of the Group, of our new business lines, and our resilience in the face of (the next!) adversity, will be driven by the talent of our team. And, ultimately, as we develop that talent, our next generation of leaders will emerge. A firm believer in Leadership Development; a seasoned traveller; and a retired sportsman (rugby and football). Vincent is also a serial investor in new technology, with his major focus on FinTech and New Media.

Name : Andrew McDowell (Chakrit Wongsakornraksa)

Managing Director (Vinarco Group of Companies)
Andrew is a New Zealander (and since 2007 also Thai) besides English he also speaks German and Thai. He spent the first 30 years of his career in a large German multinational corporation (Hoechst AG) where he fulfilled various senior management and regional positions. His years climbing the corporate ladder enabled him to accumulate expertise in Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Controlling, Accounting and Finance, Management Accounting, Production Management and General Management. In the role of senior management Andrew also has had great exposure in dealing with the various stakeholders in many types of businesses, he has developed strong skills in relationship management, negotiating skills with both internal and external parties managing their expectations.

Andrew has been responsible for a complete 5-year overhaul of our organisation, streamlining our business processes and structuring us for future growth. He is also fully committed to building our human capital: making sure that we recruit quality talent; that we invest in developing our people; that we genuinely empower them; and that we hold them properly accountable for their business results. Under his steady hand, a strong, stable and dedicated leadership team has emerged and is driving us forward. He is directly in control of Manarco (HR Consulting), Vinarco ICT (Telecoms), and Vinarco OGP (Oil & Gas).

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