What is Permanent Placement Recruitment ?

The job market is a dynamic marketplace of employers and job-seekers. Our recruitment service matches the best possible candidates with the most suitable job openings available in the market. We search, match, and facilitate between potential candidates and clients to ensure the right people are selected for the job.

 Why we need successful Recruitment ?

“You don’t build a business – You build PEOPLE, the people build the business”

Selecting the right person for the job has never been more important than it is today. Mistakes are costly. If you make a mistake in hiring, and recognize and rectify the mistake within six months, the cost of replacing that employee is 2.5 times the person’s annual salary.

Not only are the right employees key to keeping clients happy and establishing a lasting reputation, they are also central to a company’s internal business culture. Recruiting people   that create the desired internal culture early on can help a business to continue to hire ‘right-minded’ employees for years to come, and this in turn should have a positive effect on the quality of service that your business delivers.

The right employees are vital for any business, whether it’s an up-start in the process up until being a large multinational corporation.
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